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We're Part of Something Bigger!

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MAHDS exists to promote and support the growth and development of harness dog sports in the Maritimes and is a regional affiliate of the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports (CAHDS). MAHDS presently focuses on small team sports (i.e. one and two dog sports), but as our membership and its interests grows, so too will our mandate. Presently, we focus on canicross, canitrail, bikejoring, fatbikejoring, skijoring, kicksledding and scootering opportunities. For more information about these sports & how we are helping to grow them in the Maritimes, please click "learn more" below! 


The Gear Guidelines below are rooted in nationwide standards supported by CAHDS. 


Canicross is the sport of cross country or trail running as part of a human/canine team. This activity involves both human and runner working together. The human drives the direction of the team, while their 4-legged partner assists by propelling them forward. Canicross is an evolution of dogsledding and while typically a dryland sport, it can also be done on hard-packed snow. Canicross is a 1-dog sport and is the perfect entry point for you and your dog into harness dog sports! 

Gear Required: Trail running shoes, properly fitted pulling harness, hands-free leash or waist-belt and bungee line of no more than 2m (6.5ft).

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