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Halifax, NS

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About Us

The HFX Harness Hounds are an affiliated MAHDS Member Club operating in HRM and surrounding areas.

All are welcome and encouraged to give harness dog sports a try, so if you're  looking to get started or just want to connect with a great group of humans and dogs, we'd love to meet you

Any dog can run in harness - Yes, ANY dog!

Big or Small!

We welcome dogs of all shapes & sizes! We just ask that you only attach ONE at a time at group runs as most of these take place on public trails and we want to be respectful of other trail users. 

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Purebred or Mix!

While eurohounds and northern breeds tend to rule the racing world, ANY dog can (and should!) excel in harness sports!


Every Age!

We have guidelines in place that outline when and how to start dogs in harness - whether young or old when first starting something new, it's important to take it slow & go at your dog's pace!

Any dog can participate in harness dog sports! While some breeds or breed mixes are purpose-bred to pull, almost any dog will love pulling, running and working (or walking) in harness with their human teammate. If you have a dog, you have a canine partner & we guarantee you'll both have a BLAST!

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