Maritimes, Canada

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MAHDS affiliated clubs adhere to the MAHDS Code of Conduct & Guidelines for Members Clubs. MAHDS clubs receive support and assistance with set-up, club events, and organization and are eligible for team awards and inclusion in annual team rankings.

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New members of all age, fitness, and experience levels are welcome!

New Brunswick



Dog Runners Club

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MDR is an affiliated club located in the Moncton area. They focus on small team harness dog sports and practice a variety of disciplines, hosting weekly group training, socials, time trials, and competitive events.

Elm City

Harness Dogs Club

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The Elm City Harness Dogs are an affiliated club practicing harness dog sports in the Fredericton area. They hold weekly group runs, socials and will be hosting their first event in Fall 2019!

Port City

Dog Runners Club

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Based in the Saint John area, the Port City Dog Runners primarily focus on canicross when it comes to group events, but hope to add additional sports such as bikejoring, skijoring & kick sledding as the group progresses.

Nova Scotia

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Club DogRunnin

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Located in Halifax, CDR focuses on canicross, though their members practice various disciplines. They host weekly group runs at Long Lake Provincial Park, as well as training, events and social gatherings!


Trail Dogs Club

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The Trail Dogs are an affiliated club running and biking the trails of Colchester County! They primarily focus on bikejor and canicross, but practice various disciplines when the climate and the group allow!