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How does membership work & where do my fees go?


Well first off, it's important you know what you are a member of!!

MAHDS is the officially sanctioned regional organization for harness dog sports in the maritimes.

We are recognized as such by the national sport organization, "CAHDS" (the Canadian Association of Harness Dog Sports) and as such adhere to rules, guidelines and a Code of Conduct which promote the safe practice of harness dog sports. 

Member clubs in turn fall under the guidance of MAHDS and must adhere to the same rules, guidelines and Code of Conduct. By becoming a member of your local club, you also help support the mission of MAHDS and CAHDS: to grow and develop harness dog sports in a safe and accessible manner across Canada, providing opportunities for others just like you!

All member club activities are fully insured and membership fees help us defray this cost. They also allow us to host events, socials, meet & greets, and to purchase things like loaner gear, so new members can try different sports without the pressure of purchasing right away!

By purchasing a membership, you not only have the benefit of learning in a sanctioned sport environment, but you're also helping support the continued growth and development of harness dog sports throughout the maritimes and Canada! 

2022 FEES



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