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There are many different types of classes and events. MAHDS organizers typically do their best to provide opportunities for everyone at every level of sport to participate, compete and enjoy time on the trails together. A single event may hold classes of different types. For example, one event may include a non-competitive fun run AND a competitive regional circuit canicross class. No matter what type of class you choose enter, our top goal is always to ensure a fun and positive experience for you and your dog!

More information on each class type is provided below. 

General Expectations​​: 

If you are thinking about signing up for your first event, check out this great article by MAHDS Member Club, the Moncton Dog Runners:

What to Expect from your First Race

Yellow Ribbon Campaign​​: 

Dogs in harness are working and should not be approached by other competitors, spectators or volunteers without express permission from the handler. Teams requiring extra space for any reason (human or canine) may choose to wear a yellow ribbon on their gear. 

Course Safety: 

Each type of class (canicross, bikejor, scooter, etc.) has specific requirements regarding footing, gear, and temperature designed to protect the wellbeing of both our human and canine participants. Event organizers must read and ensure their courses adhere to these rules. 

Covid-19 Safety:

At present, we require event organizers to submit a Covid-19 safety plan upon application. Event The requirements & precautions for individual events can be found on the individual event's posted information (Race Roster / Facebook / etc.).

Code of Conduct:

All Organizers and participants are also required to adhere to the MAHDS Code of Conduct.

Have questions? Shoot us an emai!


Virtual Classes:

For more information on these classes, please see the CAHDS guidelines:

Regional Circuit Classes​​: 

These are competitive classes which are part of a MAHDS Regional Circuit. There are 2 regional circuits: dryland and snow. Classes that form part of a regional circuit are listed in the “Regional Circuit Regulations” and must conform to specific rules and requirements. 

Off-Circuit Classes: 

These are competitive classes that do not form part of a regional circuit. These include recreational or training classes that help foster sport-development in our region. See Article 2.2.3 of the Regulations.

Non-Competitive Classes (Fun Runs)

These classes are focused on fun and do not count toward the regional circuit. The MAHDS Code of Conduct and certain safety requirements for the health and enjoyment of canine teammates remain in effect. More information on these events can be found under the documents tab. 

If you'd like more information on the different types of classes and how they are structured, please refer to the Rules & Requirements for Organizers and the Regional Circuit Regulations. These documents are all available under the "Documents" tab!

Interested in hosting an event? More information is available under the "Event Organizers" tab!

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